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soil efflux, silviculture, carbon release, beech, silver fir, Norway spruce


UDK 630*114:630*242(497.4)

In three high karst forest complexes, same spatial design was applied to observe the effect of silvicultural treatment - the degree of mature stand removal on soil efflux. In every forest complex nine subplots were established during the time of experiment according to predominating tree species in growing stock of the mature canopy stand - silver fir, Norway spruce and European beech. In 2012 silvicultural measures with different intensity - 50% and 100% removal of growing stock around the centre of the plot with minimal diameter of two tree heights were applied.

The seasonal pattern of CO2 efflux rates was mostly accountable by changes in soil temperature. Spatial heterogeneity in CO2 efflux rates was clearly reflected in management practice; release rates and recovery period were extreme in beech predominating sites, followed by the silver fir and norway spruce. It is our belief, that more oscillations may be expected in carbon release dynamics in the future, as the number of extreme weather events increases and the withdrawal of silver fir with its poor recruitment may have long-term consequences on these high karst high productive sites.


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