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Reviewer Guidelines

All submitted manuscripts are going through a double-blind peer review process, where authors and reviewers are unknown to each other.

Reviewing needs to be conducted confidentially, the manuscript you have been asked to review should not be disclosed to a third party.

We are welcoming an additional comment in the name of raising the paper quality.

Please you should not attempt to contact the author.

Be aware when you submit your review that any recommendations you make will contribute to the final decision made by the editor.

Comments should be courteous and constructive, and should not include any personal remarks or personal details including your name.

You should explain and support your judgment so that both editors and authors are better able to understand the basis of the comments. You should indicate whether your comments are your own opinion or reflected by data.

The whole reviewing process is usually carried out by using the Open Journal System and appropriate on-line form on the web page:

Reviewers may also send their comments as attachments to an e-mail message to the

Reviewers accepting to review a paper are kindly requested to send their comments within three weeks. If it seems you might miss your deadline, inform the editor.

The Reviewer is invited by e-mail to review a submission, which includes its title and abstract, as well as the journal’s URL.

Additionally, an e-mail invitation may contain a special URL that takes the invited Reviewer directly to the Reviewer form.

We kindly ask that if you cannot realistically complete the review before the deadline please inform a journal editor.

Review Steps

  • Notify the journal Editor whether You Will Undertake the Review. Please inform a journal editor are you able to undertake review or not.
  • Download the Submission File.
  • Open and Fill in the Review Form
  • Finish your review by clicking Send

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